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For the world's ultra-wealthy, a new 'amenity of choice' has been created by a designer pool.

The world's ultra-wealthy now own over $5.3 trillion in real estate properties, according to World Property Channel. With the recent influx of newly minted billionaires around the world, many luxury property developers are waging a battle to entice them to their projects by any means necessary. rea…

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Outside of Central London, 74 percent of UK commercial investment is now directed.

Due to a shortage of available prime stock in Central London, international commercial real estate investors are increasingly attracted to UK regional cities, and in particular major investment opportunities, according to global property advisor CBRE. real estate qatar

In the first quarter of 20…

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Trophy Building Rents Have Returned to New York City.

Trophy office building rents have returned to Manhattan's premier office buildings, according to JLL's spring 2014 Skyline Analysis, as demand from smaller financial services tenants continues to drive both activity and pricing. qatar property

Although the city's thriving media and tech industri…

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Hotel transactions in EMEA increased by 17% in 2013


In 2013, hotel transaction volumes in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa rose by 17% to $13.2 billion, with the core markets of the United Kingdom, France, and Germany leading the way. qatar property

Hotel transactions are projected to increase by more than 20% to $16 billion in 2014, acco…

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The City Marina of Port Vell, Spain, is taking shape.

According to owners Salamanca Group, the first berths at Marina Port Vell, Barcelona's new mega yacht marina, will be delivered this spring. Port Vell is expected to have 167 fully serviced berths by the end of 2014, making it Europe's first city center mega yacht marina.

Barcelona's deep-water h…

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The Market for Prime Central London Real Estate Remains Strong.

The prime residential property market in central London is showing no signs of slowing down.

According to a recent Knight Frank survey, average home prices in prime central London rose by 0.7 percent in September compared to the previous month, and are up 5.5 percent so far this year. qatar sale…

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Control of rent favors tenants in Dominica

In Dominica the relationship between landlord and landlord is governed by contract and common law, with the exception of the premises covered by the Tenancies and Rent Control Act. This Act is extremely beneficial for tenants. It is only applicable to residences with a rental rate less than $800 (US…

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Rent: Can tenant and landlord agree freely to rent in El Salvador?

Property owner and tenant may negotiate and decide the rent freely by mutual agreement.

Houses with colonial interior in El Salvador

The adjustment or rental increase mechanism may also be agreed between the parties. It is common practice to establish a fixed rate of annual increases or to sti…

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The preferred method of inheritance is a succession contract.

Sequence is untrue if the tester has not left a true testament (or succession contract). If a testator's will (or succession contract) concerns only part of the estate, the remaining share will be inherited by intestacy. houses for sale

The right of succession (by testament or succession) is pre…

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Sheila Bridges, an AD100 designer, takes you inside an elegant country estate.

Sheila Bridges, a true Renaissance woman, has presented a TV show, written two books, and designed the now-iconic Harlem Toile pattern that every socially conscious aesthete adores. It's difficult to keep up with the AD100 talent, who speaks quickly with ideas flying out of her mind and tongue. She …

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Copenhagen: 'Three weeks after we saw it, we moved home'

"In 2016, after we sold our homes in Cork, we moved from Cork to Denmark. We took a one-year rental in a house before arrival. In Denmark it is usual to pay a deposit of three to six months plus one month in advance. All rentals are subject to a legal agreement for both parties with detailed rights.…

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London has surpassed Hong Kong as the most expensive city to live and work in.

London has surpassed Hong Kong as the world's most expensive city for businesses to locate workers, according to foreign real estate adviser Savills. Hong Kong had previously topped the list for an uninterrupted five years. New York and Paris round out the quartet of major cities where the total cos…

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Opatov metro area to be renovated with new square and buildings!

The Prague 11 administration presented a study for the renovation of the surroundings of the Opatov metro station, which has been largely unchanged since the station opened in November 1980. The renovations will include a park and a square with multipurpose buildings for shops, eateries, offices and…

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The city of Prague has launched a pilot project to provide housing and support for people with autism.

Some people on the autism spectrum will be housed and cared for as part of a pilot project run by Prague City Hall.

Prague has launched a project to help young people with autism who have fallen between the cracks in the system. It is in response to the pressing demands of Prague families, as wel…

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Prague wants to join other cities in creating a European-wide Airbnb regulation!

Prague City Hall is requesting that the EU amend its e-commerce framework to include short-term rentals.

The City Council of Prague has approved a proposal to collaborate with other European towns to explore tourist short-term lodging options. In a joint letter, ten major European cities ask the …

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12 steps to purchase a Spanish house

Everyone knows how much headache a house is buying, even though it is your first time... especially if it's your first time! Always prepared to help you, idealista guides you through the 12 simple steps to purchase a house in Spain. for sale qatar

Sort your budget: Your budget First of all, you …

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The Australian real estate brokers are accused of underrated pricing guides!

Grace Almeida has auctioned for a home according to the price guides, but has also not accepted a bid with a deposit of $250,000.

The 22-year-old has shopped for a two-bedroom apartment in Southeast Melbourne during the past 3 months.  apartment for sale

She was lucky enough that her grandpa…

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Long-term rental legislation will go into effect in Spain beginning in 2019.

The vote on the Royal Decree Law 21/2018 was by 241 against, 103 in favor, and 1 abstention in the Plenary Session of the Congress of Deputies in Spain.

The rental market reform instituted by the Spanish government of President Pedro Sanchez came into effect on December 19th, 2018. Prolongation o…

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The key to squatters evacuation from your home in Spain!

The first 48 hours are the key to squatter removal: we explain how.

The COVID-19 pandemic in Spain has increased the number of cases of squatting because homeowners are unable to inspect their second homes because of the alarm situation. According to data from the Ministry of the Interior itself,…

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The Costa del Sol is planning to introduce "free coronavirus insurance for tourists!"

The Government of Andalusia wants to offer vacationers a form of COVID insurance that covers things such as medical expenses to boost tourism and attract visitors to the Costa del Sol.  qatar dale

The Costa del Sol, after one of Spain's worst years for tourism, has announced that it will offer …

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