The city of Prague has launched a pilot project to provide housing and support for people with autism.

Some people on the autism spectrum will be housed and cared for as part of a pilot project run by Prague City Hall.

Prague has launched a project to help young people with autism who have fallen between the cracks in the system. It is in response to the pressing demands of Prague families, as well as a severe absence of appropriate residential services for this category of Prague residents. apartment

This is a pilot project.

“Living with Intensive Care for Young Adults with Autism” is the title of the book.

Demanding Behavior and Autism Spectrum Disorder.” The project was started by City Hall.

In October, in collaboration with the Nautis organization, the project was launched.

which has extensive experience in this field.

“I am ecstatic.”

that we were able to get this project off the ground. It aids those who are most vulnerable.

families in Prague who have been unfortunate enough to fall through the cracks

current service system and, as a result, face total extinction.

City Councilor Adam Zábransk (Pirates) is accountable for the collapse.

on the City Hall website, for housing and transparency.

“There are six young people.”

will be offered housemates in two acceptable city flats over time.

We give them with the most intensive help possible.

He went on to say, "according to the specific needs of individuals."

“Unfavorable circumstances”

The social status in these households, which is mostly expressed by the

Caregivers' exhaustion and overcrowding - this reveals a problem.

Housing for autistic young adults is completely inadequate.

disorders on the spectrum The first two families were in a social situation.

For numerous years, Prague's facilities have been in disarray, and none of them have been repaired.

He stated, "I am able to offer a remedy to their predicament."

Most of Prague's residential services are inconveniently located, according to City Councilor Milena Johnová (Praha sobe), who is in charge of social policy and health care. “Moreover, nearly none of them are prepared to provide demanding and intensive treatment, as well as accept people with autism and demanding behavior,” she added.

“The scarcity of Families who receive appropriate supports are more likely to remain as primary caregivers. suppliers Families are put under undue strain as a result of this. In most circumstances, we are unable to provide adequate support to meet the needs of our clients their offspring.”

This is a pilot program.

demonstrates the City |Hall coalition's dedication to addressing

persons and families who require specialized assistance Johnová, Councilor

Moreover, he committed to address the plight of the most vulnerable.

later this spring with their family.


Systemic interventions are insufficient and do not provide a solution to the problem.

“Households are in a dire situation,” she explained. “Although it's new,

Residential capacity for this group of persons who require a lot of care could be limited.

constructed, for instance, from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

programs, and Prague has recently backed one of these initiatives.

New capabilities will be ready by 2022, and their beds will be ready by 2023.

There will be a cap on capacity. If the capital wants to deal with the problem,

It must give a solution to the previously adverse social position of families.

“Improved measures,” she stated.

The trial project will involve one-on-one planning assistance, ongoing monitoring of secured care and housing, and regular evaluation by the new regional support coordinator.

The project will be completed in stages. The first roommates will be moved in the near future, based on individual needs and possibilities. In the spring of 2020, a second home will be constructed. According to a news statement from City Hall, the initiative would use financial resources from the municipal housing stock as well as European Structural Funds for the development of social services.

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